MS BKF Recovery Tool – Rescue Your Lost Backup Data

The most protective way to save your data is to back it up regularly. By doing so, you can stay safe about your data. In Windows, there is already a provision of an inbuilt backup system. You can easily backup any data, which will be stored in the BKF files. However, suppose you lose these backup files due to corruption, what would you do? Obviously, you opt for some extract BKF tool to repair broken backup files.

Restore MS Backup Files

The Big Question & How To Restore Backup Files? If this question is occurring again and again in your mind, then you have an answer to it in the form of BKF file repair software. This is easy-to-use MS BKF recovery to repair BKF file carrying your significant MS Windows backup data. This tool can recover images, photos, music files, emails etc from the damaged backup storage.

Accessibility Adds to Usability: This tool is easily accessible, which further increases its utility. It can be used with great ease; the user-friendly nature makes this tool more usable. Our Company feels proud to produce such a simple tool to restore backup with a user-friendly software interface.

Important to Note: This BKF restore program cannot be used to carry out the recovery of Exchange Server Mailbox Stores from corrupt backup file. We give out Exchange Server Mailbox Recovery Service for this purpose.

Significant Features of MS BKF Recovery Tool :

There are various useful features of this tool, which are mentioned below:

  • Repairs Error showing Corrupt BKF Files: MS BKF recovery software can easily repair corrupt backup files that might be showing error messages on your system screen as you attempt to open them.
  • See & Then Save: This software facilitates you to see the content of files before you save them.
  • Recover Bulk File Size: You can recover large amount of BKF data; file size limit more than 400 GB.
  • File Search: Before the extraction, you get the benefit of choosing the files, which you wish to extract from the corrupted BKF files.
  • Retain Metadata: In the extraction process, the metadata of files is not lost. Metadata includes file name, size, type, date modified etc.
  • Opens BKF files in Windows Explorer: Open BKF files in Windows explorer with folders hierarchy.
  • Range Based Scan: This feature is helpful with large sized BKF file in case you require only a small number of files from large BKF file.
  • Supports All Windows OS : Software works with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8.1 & Win 10

FREE Demo Version – Test MS Backup File Recovery Process

We are provides you trial version of this unbeatable Windows backup file repair software. You need to download online demo version in a few clicks; a helpful version will be on your system interface. Through the demo version, you can see the process to repair BKF and you can also preview the recoverable items. For saving the recovered items, you must buy the Full Licensed version software.

By Using the Full Licensed Version of Microsoft BKF repair application, you can save the recovered files/folders to your system. This tool can be used to carry out BKF recovery completely & accurately. With this tool, you can recover inaccessible data from corrupt BKF files in no time.

Client Testimonials

 Reliable solution that is capable to recover BKF file from the toughest corruption situation - this is what I feel for the BKF Repair software. There was error by running backup process & BITS simultaneously that caused the BKF file to be corrupted. I got the advice from the online forums to go for the Windows BKF recovery tool & it proved successful solution for me.  

- Fairuzza Batya, Taiwan

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