How to Restore Backup Files Using BKF Repair Tool?

If you are thinking about an apt solution for how to restore backup files? You have the answer. You can restore BKF / ZIP files by performing efficient MS BKF recovery program using BKF Repair tool. This tool is very advanced and carries high skills to carry out the process. Here are the few steps to carry out BKF recovery process using BKF Repair Tool are given below:

1.) First open BKF Repair software. Go to Start > Programs > BKF Repair > BKF Repair. Opening screen will appear as shown below:

Open BKF Repair Software

2.) After this, click the “Browse” button present on the toolbar and select the corrupt BKF file that you want to repair. This will take you to the browsing option as shown below:  

Select Corrupt BKF File

3.) After selecting, click the “Open" button. Now click on scan button to the scanning process will begin as shown below:

Repair Corrupt BKF File

4.) After the scanning process completes, you can view the selected files as shown in the screenshot below, Click the “Extract” button present on the toolbar of the above page to extract the repaired files from corrupt BKF.

Extract BKF File

5.) As you click extract, you will be asked to choose a location with extract mode where you want to save the recovered files, as shown below:

Select Destination Location

Save File

6.) Browse a location where you want to save the recovered BKF content and then click the “OK" button. The recovered files and folders will start saving to your selected location.

How to Load another BKF File? To load another BKF file, you are not required to carry out the process again. You simply have to go to screen shown below and select the BKF file, whose recovery has already completed, from the left tree structure. Right click on it and select close backup file option. This option will close that BKF file and then you can click the “Scan File” button again to load another BKF file.

How to Open the Recovered BKF Files? If you want to open the recovered BKF files, select the location where you have already saved the files during the recovery process, which you have performed using BKF Repair tool. Use respective applications to open those files.

Feel Free to Ask Us For Any Doubt: Just follow the above mentioned quick and easy steps of BKF recovery to recover data from damaged BKF files using BKF Repair software. To clear your doubts and queries, you can take help from our proactive support team. Our technical support staff is always available for your assistance and help. You can chat with our support team, or can send emails to our support professionals.