Salvage Crashed BKF File Made Easier Yet Effective

Is your BKF File Become Inaccessible?

In the frustrating situation of data loss; backup serves as a silver lining that saves us from losing precious information. But sometimes you may fail to restore data from a backup file, and the situation becomes more disastrous.If you are facing the same situation and had encountered anerror such as "the backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used", it implies that the backup files you are trying to access for data restoration has itself got damaged or corrupted.In such scenario when BKF files have become inaccessible the only solution left is to employ a third party tool to salvage crashed BKF file and safeguard data from being misplaced.

Factors Behind Corruption of BKF Files

The corruption of BKF files can be caused due to many reasons such as improper system shut down, missing catalog files, any interruption while creating backup, etc. While all these errors can be resolved if little attention is paid while creating backup, but one of the most common error behind the corruption of BKF files is CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)error. The CRC is a technique used to detect errors from digital data while transmission. Cyclic Redundancy Check may cause BKF corruption while transmitting backup files or consecutively BKF corruption may result in occurrence of CRC error.

How Backup File Repair Tool Is Helpful?

To help recover healthy data out of corrupt BKF files, third party BKF Recovery tool acts as a remedial solution bysaving essential information from being lost permanently. The tool does not repair BKF file that has been damaged due to any reason but effectively helps salvage crashed BKF file to extract all data from it in a recoverable state.

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The tool comes with exceptional features such as:

Multiple Scanning Modes: The backup file repair tool offers three scanning options such as:

  • Quick Scan: To recover data from minimal damaged BKF files
  • Advance Scan: To recover data from highly corrupted backup files.
  • Range Based Scan: To recover data of a particular ration from the file.

Multi-Level Extract Options: The tool offers you to restore data at two different locations:

  • Extract at Original Location: Save extracted files from recovered BKFat their original location.
  • Extract at Selected Location: Save recovered file at any desired location on machine.

Demo version of BKFRecovery tool gives you a brief idea of its functionality and allows you to view recovered backup files; once you are completely satisfied with the software you can buy the licensed version at very reasonable price that helps you salvage crashed BKF file completely.

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