Windows XP System Restore A Wonder Tool!

In today's binary tech world, security of computer generated data is the finest & major concerns for all times. For a user, one of the most precious things is this binary data, and there is absolutely no doubt it. Backup process helps to create duplicate copies of this data in a file named the BKF file that can be easily stored anyplace in your system or in any external storage device too. These data backup (.bkf) files are extremely helpful to restore data in case there is an inadvertent loss of original files due to corruption.

2 popular and most preferred backup creation tools are NTBackup and VERITAS Symantec Backup Exec both of which create the files named BKF files. NTBackup is Windows freeware backup utility that comes built-in in many older Windows versions and downloadable in new ones. In Vista there is "Backup & Restore" program and in Win 7 OS, users can download NTBackup Exec tool manually using the internet. Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec tool is a foremost backup application, which is smoothly runs on all Windows platforms. NTBackup can create backup of MS Exchange Server while VERITAS Exe can create backup of both Exchange as well as the SQL Server too.

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BKF Corruption Can Show the Following Errors on Your Screen

  • "CRC failed" error.
  • "Backup Exec 11d e000fe36- Corrupt data encountered".
  • "An inconsistency was encountered in the requested backup file".
  • "The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used."

Windows XP System Restore

If you are encountering any of the above mentioned errors then your BKF file is surely corrupted and you are in need of a Windows XP system restore tool to restore Windows backup data. Any such system restore not working error message can lead to permanent data loss if you do not act fast to restore data from corrupt Windows backup. You can use our BKF Recovery software to restore windows BKF files. This tool is so adept in its job that it can even help you to perform Windows backup restore to another computer.

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